Founded in 1986, Busbac + is a business services consultancy, located in the historic center of Rubí (Vallès Occidental), in Barcelona, which offers tax, legal and employment consulting services.

During these years, the management style of Busbac + has been characterized by the rigor, seriousness and efficiency in its work with our clients.

Busbac + has a young team of expert economists, lawyers and business consultants, who stand out for their dynamism, responsiveness and specialization in management and advice in different professional areas, especially in management financial, tax, employment and corporate law.

Today, we have more than 1,000 customers who continue to offer a 360º support service and support tailored to each of your needs.

Busbac + offers tailor-made services tailored to each client's profile::

    ■ Industrial companies

    ■ Service companies

    ■ SMEs

    ■ Professional offices

    ■ Startups

    ■ Retail sector

    ■ Individual entrepreneurs

View of the Busbac headquarters

Our operation is based on a personalized tutorial service in the integral advice with each company with which we collaborate, always proactively, in a climate of close trust and constantly preparing constant information on the status of its operations.

At Busbac +, we know that service quality, personal customer service and business knowledge are indispensable for teamwork, the key to success in maintaining, day after day, the satisfaction and confidence of our customers.


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